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You are invited to enjoy with us a space for adventure, for learning and for new experiences.

Around the Pyrenees, nature and history have combined to create perfectly fascinating spots.

Come along and discover them, for leisure or sport. Regardless of your level of skill -

from beginer to advanced - we can reach together the tallest sumits or explore magical caves.  

BASAROCA (strix aluco).

Is the tawny owl, a nocturnal predator, usually about 40 centimetres tall, with gray, brown and reddish feathers, earless and black-eyed. It's common in the cataalan forests. Other names in Catalan are gamarús, cabrer or baladreu. It's know as carabo común in Spanish.

BASAROCA ( Basaroca Aventura)


Is a company specialising an adventure sports and active lesiure, with its lair at Vall de Ribes. We offer activities including acrobatic course ( with rope slides and hanging bridges), canyoning, cave exploration, rock climbing, and guided tours along nature and history trails. Starting at beginner's level to advanced, we work with small groups, with special arrangements for school and company outings. We can also accomodate other activities on demand.